Well, after the handling mayhem of the last race, we spent some time (well, a LOT of
time) sorting out our options and determining what went wrong and how to keep it from
happening again.  After a bit of research and consultation with L2R engineering, we
believed we had the issues resolved going into the show.  We were loaded early Friday
(again!!) even though we chased Todd off suspecting he had the swine flu or some such
evil.  One of the topics of discussion during loading was whether or not we had any extra
feedbags or horseshoes for the VI team (just in case), but we couldn't figure out where to
store the extra hay bales - sorry Davidus...lolol

Race Day...with the abbreviated schedule Saturday (the track didn't open until 2:00, and
practice did not start until 3:30), it felt like a practice day when we showed up.  It was the
hottest race day of the year so far, and the teasing about drinking enough water had
already started (it's a long and silly story).  Todd was too wiped out from his mysterious
illness to make it, but he managed to convince his pal, Jason, to waste a day at the track
pushing race cars around and such.  Joe was again one with the quad and Jon was able to
make it for another round - thanks a ton, guys.  The car fired like it was supposed to -
always a good sign, and the motor was just about perfect.  With only one practice
scheduled, we were sure to let the motor get nice and warm.  

Since there was only one session scheduled, we decided to go out on sticker tires and try
to get an idea where they were going to end up as soon as possible.  After going back and
forth about pressures for an hour, we took a shot and off we went.  Right out of the box,
the car felt perfect and we were able to run down the other cars in our session at will.  
The car was totally drivable and we were running a 13.850 with traffic.  We had the
opportunity to go out for another run but the driver was happy and we didn't want to
mess it we parked and waited for qualifying.  El Norte and the 72 looked to be
running very strong with a 13.506 and the VI was 2nd with 13.516...We thought there was
something about a loose horseshoe, but it was never substantiated...

We decided not to mess with anything for qualifying because the car was working so well,
and were second in line behind rookie Kyle Vanderpool.  The car felt pretty good in
qualifying, but not exceptionally fast.  We knew we were faster than the #1 according to
the board, but had no idea what the time was.  Moments later Eddie of the #72 gang
came by and said the VI just ran and we were still on top of the board...a minute later the
72 rolled in and we were still on top.  First thought was that the board was messed up, but
then Joe went in search of the time sheets and sure enough; we were quick time with a
13.449, followed by "2nd Quik Time" Tuey with a 13.506, LT with a 13.595, and the rookie
with a 13.755,  Our first fast time and the fastest qualifying lap we've ever turned...and
with a special thanks for the idea on a 'minor' adjustment that made an astounding

The dash was a full invert based on qualifying and since we were in the back, we decided
to take advantage of the laps to try a few adjustments...since '2nd Qwik Time' had tried
experimenting in qualifying, we figured the least we could do to repay them for 'giving' us
a fast time was to try dialing our car out for the dash.  As luck would have it, we were
100% successful in achieving our goal and finished the dash right where we
the back.  However, there was plenty of excitement in right in front of us between the tire
smoke and the proximity of cars leaning on one another, I am hoping the post-event
discussion was constructive :)...Oh and by the way, Trophy Dash Tuey won the
dash...dang :):)

With the abbreviated car count the track elected to do away with the heat races and just
run the Main Event...given the action of the dash, it may have been a wise choice in order
to keep the cars in one piece.  Once again, we lined up at the back and once the green
flew we went off in a pretty good tangle for the first 8 or 9 laps.  After lap 12 or 13, the
car started getting more and more loose, and each correction allowed the other 3 fast
guys (Grand-dad, Rookie, and El Norte) to get a little further ahead.  As the race went on,
the car just got worse and felt like we were back at the wicked loose car from the last
show...well, maybe not that bad, but you know how drivers are prone to a little bit of
embellishment... We managed to hang on for a totally uneventful 4th place finish behind
first place 'Main Event' Tuey, Lance T in the other Dutcher powered beast, and Kyle V,
who had a very good run - again.  One star that continued to shine for us was the
motor...not so much as a peep all day and we were certainly able to hold our own with
the fast guys...outstanding work Pat, and thank you also again to Jon for offering his help
with the power, and bringing a little bit different chassis viewpoint to the I
said before, we're just a tick away from putting it all together.  Maybe all we need to do is
take that Tatro Racing poster out of the trailer so we don't have all these focus
issues...LOL.  And Todd...I seriously hope you don't decide to be sick anymore, because
our record keeping that day, well, it just sucked....

As always, a big thank you to all the fans that come to watch us play :)

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