OK, So we ended the last race with an overheated, but well handling, race car and had a
few things in mind to solve the problem... When we got back to the shop we went through
everything, replaced the bits and pieces that were causing the heating issue and we were
ready to go!  The motor looked and tested outstanding after the first race which was a
huge load off everyone's mind, and the minor oil leak was fixed up as well.  The car was
in the trailer Friday night in time for the team to have pizza, watch some dumb racing
movies and even get some sleep (well most of us did, right Joe?).  Oh and the gauntlet
had been successfully thrown at our resident Chariot racer, Davidus Tueyis (Number VI),
although we have to keep reminding him that he doesn't need a whip anymore...

So Saturday...we got to the track and got set up and ready to fire the car.  The team was
already happy because the quad had been revived.  It was running better than ever so
there was going to be no pushing things around by hand this day.  We pushed off to fire
and everything was going smoothly.  The motor was running great and we were ready for
practice to begin.  

Practice was fairly uneventful - we cruised in the first session looking for any trouble but
everything was perfect, except the track, which was a bit, umm, slick...  The motor is
super strong (thanks Pat!) and with some tuning help from my old friend Jon, all was
well.  With eight 410's and seven 360's in the pits we were running 5th overall after the
first session, and #2 in the 360's behind L2R compadre El Norte Tatro.  In the second
session we threw on the new rubber and dropped the times a bunch along with everyone
else.  We fell to eighth overall and were now #2 in class with a 13.726 behind Kenny
Kinchen (13.651).  The number VI was nowhere to be found due to a busted feedbag or
some problem with the reins...rounds 1 and 2 to LTM...heehee.

We decided not to mess with anything for qualifying because the car was working so well,
but it seemed the driver was able to make a mess of the run.  We ended up with a 13.645
- 4th again...blast.  Tueyis was quick at 13.355, followed by Tatro a .459 and Kinchen with
a .602. Oh yeah, VI got one back...  

The dash had us inside of KK and we started off pretty's almost impossible to pull
in front from the pole anymore, unless the outside guy blows it, and KK wasn't about to.  
We pulled up on Kinchen's tail and kept trying to time a run while seeing the nose of the
72 just about every corner, but there was nothing there...On the white flag, I made a
huge mistake involving the throttle and Norte blasted through on the inside, which was
how we ended up.  Caesar Davidus was again having trouble with his mount and had
retired to the infield pasture. Round 4 to Jackson...

Heat races were again separated into 360's and 410's.  Before the race, Kyle Vanderpool
had run around asking if he could take his qualifying position for the heat one
objected so he was on outside pole with the 15 of Willie Northamer inside.  We were right
behind Willie and really had no idea how it was going to take off.  The start was good with
Northamer taking the lead and us side by side with Vanderpool for a lap (great driving
Kyle!).  We set off for Willie, who was flying, and then the 72 showed up again... this time
we didn't mess up with the throttle and managed to finish in a tight 2nd, just .104 seconds
in front of the Tatro machine.  We weren't too sure what had happened to Nero, but heard
one of the horses busted an ankle or something... Round 5 - Jackson.  

For the Main, we started 2nd row outside and all went well until turn 3 of the first lap..the
car jumped sideways and threw a fit; handling was gone and we were in big trouble with
49 laps to go...coming down the front straight we dropped 6 spots while trying to keep the
car pointed the right direction and that was about all we could do.  Every time I touched
the throttle we were going sideways - I may have actually spent more time turning right
than left!  In any case, the car was at best evil and at worst unmentionable.  The good
news was that we've got the heating issue under control and the motor was stellar all
day.  Even though we had to concede Round 6 to OcDavius Tuey and the VI team, all was
not lost.  We located the source of the chassis malfunction and have made the appropriate
adjustments.  We continue to work with our L2R partners at each event and are just a tick
away from that Dutcher 1-2.  Once again, a big thank you to Joel, Todd, and Joe for
keeping this thing together - we're just that close...

As always, a big thank you to all the fans that come to watch us play :)

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Lance Jackson

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