Well, after the insanity of June 15th, we took a few breaths to evaluate the car and what we
could do better since we were putting a new front end together.  We had resolved the
heating issue, the chassis was going in the right direction again.  Of course, since the front
end got blown apart in the crash, much of the chassis stuff was useless and we were almost
starting from scratch again.  We figured since we the front end was getting a  major update
(from 1990's technology to 2008 bits and pieces) we may as well put the 3-stage wing back
together and add to the mayhem.  Fortunately, Mr. Reed was able to weld the errant pieces
up and we came up with a rather cool solution to the flexing issue that had plagued the piece
since Rex originally built it.  As usual, getting the chassis geometry sorted out after the
reconstruction took about 5 hours longer than expected, but the car DID go into the trailer
before the sun came up (actually we were done around 1:30am and had to stand around and
talk for a bit).  In any case, the car had scaled out pretty well and everything looked good
for Saturday...  

Practice #1 went okay - we were on old rubber and just making sure nothing was going to
fall off the front and the car did what it was supposed to when the steering wheel was
turned... all the updates had the car was turning really well and the front end was just about
perfect.  The track was a mess from the previous week's show and was actually shining from
some substance that was obviously pretty slick.  No one was really fast, but everybody was
complaining.  The track got cleaned up before the second session and we threw on the new
rubber.  After one lap under green the left rear tire suffered a sudden and complete loss of
air while going into turn 3 which caused the car to pretty much spin in it's own tracks and
that was it for practice - our one lap was a 14.153 which was not too bad :).  Upon
examination we determined there had been a problem with the beadlock and also that the
brand new LR tire was trashed from the incident.  Luckily we were able to mooch a tire off
Larry Hinz for the rest of the night - Thanks a million, Larry!!

We didn't change a thing (except for the tire) going into qualifying and ended up 4th fast with
a 13.835.  KK was fast with a 13.698, followed by Lance T (13.761) and El Senor Tuey
(13.807).  As has been the case most of the year, the top 4 cars were within .137 seconds.  

Since the driver wasn't really complaining, we didn't make any major changes going into the
Dash.  We started on outside pole and went way too high into turn 1 and then spun trying to
make up some ground... After the restart, Donnie L (Lance T had scratched from the event)
slowed way down and we ended up 3rd.  The car was a little twitchy coming out, but was

After the carnage last race, the track agreed to let us run heat races without mixing 410's
and 360's together.  Donnie and I were side by side again and he got another good run off of
4 at the start. As we were lining up for a restart after someone's off track excursion, KK's car
started belching smoke from the front and he had apparently broken a power steering line.  
Once he got off the track we went back to green and ended up in a uneventful 3rd place.  
The car was still loose and we were getting ready to throw the book at it (again).

For the main we changed weights, wing AOA's, carb settings, and even thought about adding
some new decals...  The car felt really good in warmups and I figured we had a pretty good
shot at doing well.  Around lap 6, I noticed an extra rub in the chassis when we were going
into the turn and then BAM!, the torque arm bracket broke.  The car did another cool spin
maneuver and since I couldn't see the damage, we just pushed back off and got to the end of
the line.  The rest of the race was pretty uneventful... the occasional whoosh of a 410, and
me trying to figure out why we couldn't come out of the turn.  We ended up 4th in class by
keeping the thing on the track, and we've already come up with some more answers - I
hope!  Congrats to KK on the win!    

Big thanks to the LTM crew - Joel, Todd, and Joe - we're right on the edge of getting this thing

Also, a big thank you to all the fans that came watch us play - stop by and say HI! :)  
Remember, we always have pictures at the track!

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Lance Jackson

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