irst of all, I'd like to thank the LeftTurn Motorsports racing team (Joel, Todd, Joe - even
though he is floating around in the Pacific, and Josh for stepping in Saturday) for all the
hard work.  Saturday's results were largely due to everything we accomplish at the shop,
and with only a week to prepare the car everyone did a great job.  Finishing is half the
battle and we're running 100%!

Since we only had one week between races, it gave us a opportunity to build some
momentum from the outstanding results of the 9th.  After we finished up with the routine
maintenance, there were a few improvements and adjustments made to the chassis and
we were ready to go.

Practice was trouble free and the car was working better than last week, even with the
high temperatures causing the track to get pretty slick.  We were running mid 13's all
afternoon with a 13.585(3rd) in the first session and 13.538(4th) in the second.  The car is
getting into the turns so well that the driver is still trying to figure out how hard he can go

Qualifying went off at around 4:00pm and we didn't adjust enough for the afternoon heat.  
After slipping and sliding through 2 laps we ended up with a 13.848 which was good
enough for 4th and got us into the dash.  The qualifying order in front of us was Lance
Tatro(13.421), Dave Tuey(13.581), Kenny Kinchen(13.594).

The trophy dash had us on the 2nd row inside.  Kenny Kinchen was on pole, Tatro to the
outside and Tuey in 4th.  Since we were not scheduled to run heat races, we wanted to
take the laps to work on the chassis for the main.  When the green flew we tucked in
behind Tuey and tried running a few different lines.  The bottom is still far from being fast,
but the car would actually work down there (sort of - lol).  Tatro won the dash with Tuey,
Kinchen, and the 18 in tow.

Our main even got underway again while the sun was still up, and the track did driver
introductions on the front straight.  We were slated to start 2nd row inside, but the 4 of
Larry Hinz elected to go to the back which put us on pole with David Gassett on the
outside.  During warmups the sun was absolutely blinding going into turn 3.  It hit the
eyes right when you got to where you should turn in and brake, and made for some
interesting driving to say the least.  At the start, we went side by side with Gassett for the
first 6 or 7 laps.  The car was working pretty good on the bottom, but we just didn't quite
have enough to get by the 78.  Then, one slip in the bottom of turn 3 and we went from
2nd to 5th in a blink.  Later on, Tatro and Gassett tangled in front of us, and we fell back
into 3rd spot.  Dave Tuey pulled a last lap pass on the 77 of Kinchen for the win, and that
was the show.  Congratulations to Dave Tuey for the win and to Kenny Kinchen for 2
podiums in his first two shows back (and he told me he was still rusty - geez).  We ran a
13.766 in the main during the closing laps, which means that we're still making
improvements and we can definitely go faster.

We have a few more changes in store for July, and again, I'd like to thank everyone on
the crew for their efforts.  And a big thank you to all the fans for coming out to the races
and we hope to see you on July 28th.

Lance Jackson

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