no time.    

After 6 weeks without a race, Saturday turned out to be a great day for the LeftTurn
Motorsports team.  It was good to finally be back at the track.  During the past month we
had quite a bit of time to review the first couple of races and figure out which direction we
wanted to go.  The most significant addition for Saturday's race was a new carburetor
(finally).  We managed to find all of the fuel problems during the initial fire-off session and
after minor float bowl and fuel pressure adjustment, we were good to go.  Much to our
surprise during practice, the car was about a million times more responsive to throttle
inputs than I ever remembered... our practice times were better than ever and close to
the fastest we've ever been at Madera.  13.638 in the first session (3rd quick) and 13.534
in the second session (still 3rd quick).  The day was certainly looking good.

Qualifying was nothing to write home about - we had enough fuel in the car this time
(LOL), but the driver couldn't quite 'flip the switch' in time, and we ended up with 4th fast
at a 13.715.  Grandpa Tuey was quick again (13.371) followed by Lance Tatro (13.485),
and David Gassett (13.680).

The dash was a full invert again and left us on the inside pole, with 'High Line' Gassett
outside.  Even though we owe Gassett a smack in the LR, I refrained and watched David
and David go by on the outside.  The good news was that the car was near as loose as it
had been earlier in the year and we were able to stay with Dave and Dave.  Even more
surprising was the 13.557 we ran during the dash!

The heat race had us on the outside pole with a 'fresh out of retirement' Kenny Kinchen in
the 77 car (formerly driven by Rick Thompson).  The 77 got us on the start and we fell
into 3rd behind Tatro.  Tatro drove under Kinchen for the lead on lap 4 and we were still
running pretty strong.  Our fast lap for the heat race was a 13.580 (2nd quick!) and the
car was pretty much perfect.

Our main even got underway just after sunset and the track even did driver introductions
on the front straight (just like the old days!)  We started in the 3rd spot (2nd row inside)
behind Lance Tatro and along Mr. Tuey.  Shortly after the start, Tuey slowed suddenly in
front of us, and then disappeared behind the wall.  It turned out they broke a torque arm
bolt - the new motor must have a zillion HP (just kidding a little Justin).  Anyway, after
dodging the 06 everything we were rolling pretty good in third behind Tatro and Kinchen
for the next 10 laps until I did some brilliant manuever going into turn 1 and spun the car
on lap 13.  Right after the restart Lance Tatro pulled in with a flat Left Rear and that made
get under him for the next 5 laps... someone even said they saw the 78 move down on
the 18 a few times, but I don't believe it (lol).  Anyway, it made for an exciting finish -
especially since I didn't know we had our race shortened until I saw the white flag come
out.  David beat us by about a wheel (.065 seconds), but we ran a 13.712 in the main,
which was a serious improvement.

Needless to say, we're pretty excited about the next race and it looks like the car is right
on track.  I'd like to thank Joe, Todd, and Joel for all the help Saturday (and during the
week).  The work is starting to pay off!  I'd also like to thank all the fans for coming out to
the races and we hope to see you next weekend!

Lance Jackson

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