at Valley Childrens' Hospital from Sunday until this afternoon (Friday), and thankfully the
to go 100% for the June race.  Now, on to the show...       

The Vukovich Classic of 2007 turned out to be a show that will be talked about for a long
time.  Not only was is a great show for the fans, it also marked the first time I can ever
remember that many 360 and 410 supers on the track at the same time.  Since both
classes were a little short on Saturday, the track, the 360 group and the 410 group agreed
to run both main events at the same time ala SCCA.  The quote of the day went to Lance
Tatro when we were at the driver's meeting with the 410 guys... The ASA officials were
telling us (the 360 guys) where we needed to be on the track when the 410's were in close
proximity, and whether they would be passing on the high side or low side.  The ASA guy
said to just hold your line and let the 410 figure it out, when Tatro popped off with "Well
thats fine, but which side do we need to pass Troy (Regier) on??"  The meeting was pretty
much over after that. :)  One thing for certain - there was never a dull moment on the

Saturday was the hottest day of the year so far with temperatures running up to the mid
90's.  Practice was fairly uneventful and we were running 13.7's with the car still pretty
loose.  We elevated the top wing by about 6 inches in order to get cleaner air (thanks to
Justin Tuey for the parts).  That helped some, but we still have a ways to go.

We decided not to add any extra fuel for qualifying and found out the extra gallon really is
needed, as the car was stumbling during our second Q lap.  We still ended up qualifying in
the 4th spot with a 13.853 behind Dave Tuey (13.335), Lance Tatro (13.435), and Kenny
White (13.488).

This time the trophy dash lined up in a full invert, putting us on the pole.  With the car still
pretty loose we had to be way too careful going into turn 1 and that was that.  Kenny
White won from the outside pole with Tuey, Tatro, and us in tow.  We decided to make a
few more adjustments to tighten the thing up and see if we could make some progress in
the heat races.

The heat race went off OK as it looked like we made some headway in tightening up the
car for the main.  However, we didn't have enough fuel in the car (again), and started
coughing with two laps to go.  I guess with all the messing around on the chassis the
driver forgot about the basic stuff (methanol) LOL.  After the heat races, we made a few
more chassis adjustments, made sure there was PLENTY of fuel in the tank, and sat
around for awhile waiting for what we were sure was going to be absolute mayhem with
the 410's.  Justin Tuey ran off with our yellow tape and started putting streamers all over
the 6 car; pretty soon all the 360's had some sort of marking, and yellow tape was a hot

The main event was one I'll never forget - having three 410's run up on you going into
Turn 1 is like have a beehive in you helmet, and there is no mistaking that they're there.  
Then you just get to watch them shoot off like rockets coming out of the turn.  Definitely
one of the best seats in the house.  As for the car, we didn't get anywhere close to being
tight enough for the main and had to settle for riding around and having some fun.

At the end of it all, we ended up 5th in the 360 points and 9th overall.  Not too bad
considering the car was way out of whack.  Congratulations to David Tuey for a great race
(1st - 360's and 5th overall), Rick Thompson (77) on getting their car back out and
competitive, and Larry Hinz (4) for getting that car put together and finishing his first race

Good luck to everyone on May 5th - I'm sure you all know there are not many things that
would keep us off the track, but family truly does come first.  

And of course - THANK YOU TO ALL THE FANS!

Lance Jackson        
Vukovich Classic
Lap Times and Results
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May 8th, 2007


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